German forensic experts confirmed bodies found in Almaty foothills are missing Kazakhstan’s bankers

June 7. Interfax-Kazakhstan

German forensic experts confirmed bodies found in Almaty foothills are missing Kazakhstan's bankersForensic experts from Germany confirmed that the bodies found in Almaty in May belong to the missing top managers of Nurbank Zholdas Timraliyev and Aybar Khassenov.

“Based on the DNA analysis the identities of Zholdas Timraliyev and Aybar Khassenov have been accurately confirmed. The asphyxiation by plastic bags put on bankers’ heads was the most probable cause of death. We have also found multiple signs of torture and violence such as bruises from beating and thrashing, broken ribs and injuries indicating attempts of the victims to protect themselves with their hands,” the head of forensic medicine at Berlin’s Charite hospital Michael Tsokos told Deutsche Welle.

According to the German expert, the toxicological analysis revealed that both victims shortly before their death were under the influence of a powerful antipsychotic and other pharmacological agents that affect the mental state. The victims were injected with tranquilizing psychiatric medication to reduce pain as part of some torture technique,” said Tsokos.

As reported on May 13, 2011 bodies of Nurbank managers Zholdas Timraliev and Aibar Khassenov missing since January 2007, were discovered on the premises of KazTeleRadio warehouse site in the foothills area near Almaty.

On January 31, 2007 Aliyev, Zholdas Timraliyev and Aibar Khassenov were kidnapped from the Nurbank headquarters by a group led by Rakhat Aliyev, who at the moment was in control of the bank. The investigation proved that the abducted bankers were tortured and humiliated during a few day captivity. However, no more details about the fact of the kidnapped bankers were discovered, since the key suspects in the case were in the hiding abroad.

In 2008 the court found Aliyev guilty of treason, kidnapping, organizing a criminal group, extortion, robbery, misappropriation of state property, and fraud, and sentenced him in absentia to 40 years in prison along with the confiscation of his property. Aliev was tried in absentia.