Grain pool of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to trade on closed markets

June 26. AgriMarket

Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, uniting to the grain pool – union of countries-exporters of grains, are able to enter the markets, formerly closed for the countries, including markets of the North Africa and the Middle East, declared Alex Lissitsa, the president of the association “Ukrainian club of agrarian business”. But Ukraine will face the most difficulties in such terms.

Russia recently has founded the United grain company – the national institution of regulating of the grain market of Russia. Kazakhstan concentrates the majority of grain trading under the control of the government. But to date, Ukraine doe not have any governmental player on the export market of grains, marked A.Lissitsa.

At the same time, Ukraine has large advantage compared to partners from Russia and Kazakhstan: Ukraine has true output to sea ways, according to the president of the association. At the same time, Ukraine produces and exports large-scale volumes of own grains. In the current marketing year, Ukraine will export nearly 29 mln tons of grains and oilseeds, noticed A.Lissitsa.