Astana becomes home for events of international level and high importance


Alexey Kaulko

Astana becomes home for events of international level and high importanceAstana is a relatively new city, at least in the form of a capital. It was the city that had no difference with many others of the country. Nevertheless, in 1995 the city was designated as the future capital of the newly-independent country, and the capital was officially moved from Almaty on December 10, 1997. The new name, Astana, was bestowed in 1998.

Since that time the whole image of Astana and the perception of the capital of Kazakhstan have changed. The world now recognizes the rapidly growing city in the heart of the best developed country in Central Asian region – Kazakhstan. The city started attracting attention by its mighty and superb transformation.

The city can now boast of its own style, architecture and a new look. Speaking of a new look, the original plans for the new Astana were drawn up by the late Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. Architecture, new buildings sightseeing and other integral parts of a modern capital that have been selected carefully by people who had a future of the capital of Kazakhstan in their hands including President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev complete a new image of the city that now enjoys worldwide recognition and gaining popularity in the international arena in terms of political, social, sports life.

Astana is now a legitimate participant of top-level activities. Astana is a home for events of international level.

Dating back from just past winter Kazakhstan and Astana, particularly, hosted plenty of large-scale events.

The OSCE Summit which was held in Astana in December and drew attention from the whole world to the capital of Kazakhstan is one of a series of highly important events that Astana hosted in just a six month span of time. This Summit has become a breakthrough and a new stage that was preceded by stagnancy mercilessly shaken off by what was done in the arena the name of which is Astana. This event brought together heads of so many states and really prominent figures and all of them found themselves comfortable in the hospitable city of Astana.

The next month was of the same level of attention except for it was mostly the interest from sports fans who tuned up for what was performed in two largest cities of Kazakhstan – Almaty and Astana. The 7th Asian Winter Games were hosted by two cities – Almaty and Astana. The event turned out to be with a historic meaning for the country. It was all about breaking records. The athletes broke and set records telling about facilities Kazakhstan, Almaty and Astana now possess. They are unique and modern, comfortable and hospitable. Astana is simply becoming a home for such events.

March was as special as all the rest months. It just needs to be mentioned that on March 5 the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana hosted the I Congress of Kazakhstan’s Women. The event was dedicated to the International Women’s Day and around 1000 delegates gathered in the capital of the country. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the Congress and noted that it was the 1st Congress.

The month of April was really filled with events. One of them was a regional conference entitled ‘From moratorium to abolition of death penalty in Central Asia: Challenges of the transition period’ held on April 26 in the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the support of the European Union. The 2nd plenary sitting of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking Countries (TURKPA) was opened at the Palace of Peace and Accord in Astana on April 28. Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries adopted the Astana declaration after its plenary sitting on the same day.

The month of April just smoothly merged into May and continued marking busy life of Astana city. The 4th Astana Economic Forum ‘New Decade: Challenges and Prospects’ with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev began at the Palace of Independence in Astana on May 3. The heads of international organizations, scientists, Nobel Prize laureates in economics and representatives of business communities took part in the Forum. The Forum was the stage for proposals of highest importance for the country and the world. In case the proposals voiced in this Forum turn into realization mode this day and event and the city which hosted it are fortunate to become a great beginning for positive changes.

The number of events with meaning covering so big territories and so many countries cannot really be counted by any simple method. They are very important in their own dimensions sometimes but sometimes they begin to develop from less relevant meetings into huge and greatly important events.

Here are just a few that are coming soon: the 20th Annual Meeting of the Council of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will be held on May 20-21. The Meeting brings together the EBRD’s Board of Governors, namely the government ministers and other senior officials who represent the Bank’s shareholder countries and organizations.

Besides, the anniversary Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is planned to be held in Astana this summer.

Moreover, there are so many events that are awaiting their turn to be hosted and welcomed by a beautiful capital of Kazakhstan – Astana city.