VI Innovation Congress held within Astana Economic Forum


Gulnara Zhandagulova

VI Innovation Congress held within Astana Economic ForumThe VI Innovation Congress is being held within the framework of the IV Astana Economic Forum.

“Within the state program of forced industrial innovative development one of the main programs of business support is development of innovations and assistance to technologic modernization of economy. It is aimed at construction of the national innovative system, which will ensure competitiveness of our economy. We suggest that we can reach it by establishment of the system of management of innovative technologic development and innovative development of fields and our regions,” Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev said.

A.Issekeshev noted that the Astana Innovation Congress is “the most significant platform in the life of the Kazakhstani innovators.”

300 world-known scientists from the U.S.A., Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Turkey, Russia, South Korea and Kazakhstan are taking part in the Congress. Professor at Stanford University, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Professor Roger Kornberg is among moderators.

The Customs Union established by Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus opens borders between these countries and creates a 170-million market, including common innovative space. The EurAsEC states signed the Concept on establishing the Eurasian innovative system.

Following the results of the Innovation congress the National Innovation Fund will sign memorandums of mutual understanding and cooperation with six various companies.


During next 10-15 years Kazakhstan expects over USD 100 bln of foreign investments


Serik Sabekov

Foreign direct investment will lead to growth of economy and welfare.

Minister of Economic Development and Trade Kairat Kelimbetov has said it during a roundtable entitled “Modernization of the quasi public sector as condition of development of economic potential of the country”, which was held within the IV Astana Economic Forum.

“This is the conditions, which are necessary; the question at issue is how effectively it is implemented. We must create conditions for investors,” K.Kelimbetov noted.

The Minister outlined that it will be necessary to Kazakhstan to compete with many other countries in this issue, and for this we will create a favorable atmosphere for investors.

“During next 10-15 years we expect possible investments in Kazakhstan to the amount of over USD 100 bln. We suggest that these foreign companies will be able to create effective and reliable partnership,” K.Kelimbetov resumed.