IV Astana Economic Forum began its work


Muratbek Makulbekov

IV Astana Economic Forum began its workThe plenary session of the 4th Astana Economic Forum ‘New Decade: Challenges and Prospects’ with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has begun at the Palace of Independence in Astana.

The heads of international organizations, scientists, Nobel Prize laureates in economics and representatives of business communities take part in the Forum.

The world economy development issues are on the agenda.

Upon the completion of the Forum the open letter to the leadership of the G20 member states with the recommendations on recovery and development of the world economy will be adopted.


* * *

Developing countries should allocate twice as much funds for agriculture development – UN FAO Director General


Askar Bimendin

Food production should be increased by 70%  the worldwide in order ensure food security. Director General of the UN Food Agriculture Organization Jacques Diouf has said it taking the floor at the 4th Astana Economic Forum today.

“The world should raise food production by 70% and developing countries – by 100%  to ensure food security”, Jacques Diouf said.

Alongside, according to him, the share of official assistance programs aimed at development of agriculture, has declined and makes 5% currently.

“This figure must return to its historic level which will ensure fight with starvation. Developing countries must allocate twice as much funds for development of agriculture. Besides, private investments in agriculture must be raised too”, the UN FAO Director General stressed.


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World’s tourism income in 2010 hit USD 1.3 trln – UNWTO Sec Gen


Damir Baimanov

World’s tourism income in 2010 hit USD 1.3 trln. Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Taleb D. Rifai has made it public at the 4th Astana Economic Forum today.

“Each of 12 jobs in the world falls on tourism sector. 35 mln people cross international borders every year”, Taleb D. Rifai noted.

According to the UNWTO Secretary General, culture, tourism, trips are more relevant as never in post-crisis period. “Tourism generates income, builds infrastructure and helps establish mutually beneficial relations between countries”, he added.