Kazakhstan oil refining down 10.4% in January-March

Apr 21. KYIV Post

Kazakhstan oil refining down 10.4% in January-MarchKazakhstan refined 3.145 million tonnes of oil in January-March 2011, 10.38% less than in the same period last year, the Kazakh government told Interfax.

Refining in March totaled 954,454 tonnes.

The Pavlodar Oil Refinery reduced throughput 17.9% to 1.051 million tonnes in the three months, PetroKazakhstan Oil Products (PKOP) refined 1.137 million tonnes, 9.5% less, and Atyrau Oil Refinery refined 956,431 tonnes, 1.2% less.

Kazakhstan produced 616,916 tonnes of gasoline in January-March, down 23.4% year-on-year. The Pavlodar refinery reduced gasoline production 40.0% to 224,967 tonnes, PKOP – down 6.9% to 247,689 tonnes and the Atyrau refinery – down 12.1% to 144,260 tonnes. The country’s refineries produced 894,772 tonnes of diesel fuel in the month, 14.8% less year-on-year; 897,459 tonnes of fuel oil, 0.9% less; 171,835 tonnes of vacuum distillate, 18.2% less; 99,255 tonnes of aviation kerosene, 17.6% less; and 545,914 tonnes of liquefied gases, 3.8% less.