The main objective is improvement of life quality

Apr 19. Kazpravda

The main objective is improvement of life qualityThe primary goal for the Government and all state bodies is to ensure steady increase in people’s welfare. And by 2016 GDP per capita should reach at least 15 thousand dollars. For that economy needs to grow at a rate of 7% at least. How to achieve this result? Concrete tasks were assigned in this regard by the head of state at the Government’s enlarged meeting with participation of MPs, members of the Constitutional Council, Supreme Court, NWF SamrukKazyna, the oblasts’, Astana and Almaty authorities, representatives of “Nur Otan” party and the Assembly of Kazakhstan people. Nursultan Nazarbayev gave a number of instructions and orders to some ministries and departments on improving business climate and developing a range of economic branches.

Heading accelerated development

– We are implementing the program of accelerated industrial-innovation development, we’ve adopted strategic documents in education and healthcare, housing construction and “The roadmap for business-2020” and are preparing for people’s IPO, – the President said. – So strategic objectives, mid- and long- term, have been clearly defined.

In fact, Kazakhstan has become the country with incomes above the average. But we can not rest on our laurels. And it is important to use available reserves, for example to provide an additional three percent or more annual economic growth due to intensive development of non-oil sector and small and medium-size businesses.

Speaking of that Nursultan Nazarbayev quoted three sources to achieve the goal: attraction of domestic and foreign investments, introduction of innovations, and efficiency of the state and public institutions.

Green light for investments

According to the first direction- attracting investment, the emphasis is on industrial and innovation program. The President said that the last year’s pace was not expected to decline, but vice versa – to strengthen on all fronts. Responsibility for this work was imposed on the vice-PM – minister of industry and new technologies Aset Isekeshev.

One of the most acute problems today is rise in prices, including for food. But Kazakhstan, the President believes, may even benefit from it in the form of investments in the processed volumes. If there is demand, we can increase production at the account of new capacities, agro-technologies, and innovative forms of production. Therefore, agricultural market-2020 is among most important priorities of the country’s industrialization.

However, domestic markets of some commodities are monopolized and given to speculators. Antimonopoly bodies and control of “Nur Otan” party are to prevent export of certain types of food. The Government and akims should bring order to the food market, and to “tie” subsidies with producers of price-forming policy.

The President gave seven concrete instructions to increase the investment attractiveness. In particular, the Government was mandated to audit legislation to eliminate obstacles to businesses, to make propositions for the state-private partnership in development of transit facilities of the country and rapid cargo clearance.

For a sharp increase of investments they should also greater use huge transit potential of the republic. In this regard, the new minister of transport and communications, the governors should actively seek the ways for best movement of goods, labor force and tourists’ travel. It’s necessary to strengthen regional and interstate cooperation in development of transport corridors, particularly in the framework of integration agreements.

Horgos – in the east and Aktau port – in the west of the country are to become real free economic zones, i.e. the open gates of Kazakhstan. The Government is to analyze and eliminate causes hindering SEZ development. It is also necessary to enhance the national carrier, and to develop competition in the aviation sector.

The President drew attention to the fact that in CU and CES conditions not only states, but the areas and companies too are involved in the competition. It is therefore important to ensure cross-sectoral, interregional competition with members of the Customs Union. This problem is to be settled by a predictive scheme for territorial development- 2020.

All-National priority

Today all countries with a reasonable development strategy are engaged in the innovation race. And Kazakhstan must not be sidelined. For that we are to transform our republic into a knowledge center of the world level. This is the primary goal for the ministry of education and science. We should not at the expense of the state to train people who are not world-class specialists, the President is sure. “Nazarbayev University” is to become a breakthrough at that.

Economic progress means talents first of all. It’s necessary to seek, attract and support talented people. And it is very important to use potential of Bolashak program in that. Unfortunately, there are problems so far. Analysis showed that more than half of its graduates are employed not by their professions. 85% remain in Astana, Almaty, and only 15% go to the regions. In this regard, the President instructed the deputy PM Erbol Orynbayev together with the MES to take into control employment of Bolashak graduates and to regularly report on real situation.

According to the President, bachelors should be trained in Kazakhstan, while Masters and PhDs – abroad for effective use of funds. He also tasked the President’s Administration to keep a strict control over his instructions on establishment of world-class colleges in Astana, Shymkent, Aktobe, and Almaty. Trilingual education is to be introduced in secondary schools in 2016.

For wider introduction of innovations the President instructed the Government to organize local centers of productivity and innovations and expand venture funding of innovative projects.

To develop innovative environment they are to elaborate a new legislation to protect intellectual property. For formation of innovative vision an exhibition center will be created in Astana to accumulate achievements of science and technology in Kazakhstan.

Innovations should be introduced everywhere: in education, healthcare, housing & utilities, said the President. In this only way we can win the future.

Three basic conditions

In his speech Nursultan Nazarbayev especially noted importance of efficiency of state and public institutions. The work is already underway in this direction. Thus a range of decrees has been signed to improve the system of government. Additional functions were delegated to the ministry of economic development and trade, for example, on protection of competition, restriction of monopolistic activity. Thereby it is to become a central body for strategic planning of medium-term development and coordination of all departments.

The National Bank’s “duties” have been expanded too. These measures will strengthen mutual relationship of strategic and economic planning, coordination of financial regulators, Nursultan Nazarbayev is sure.

Nuclear industry must be actively involved in business. To ensure its high-tech development the head of state tasked the Government to study the possibility of establishment of Atomic Energy Agency.

Now there is another topic on the agenda – new goals for NWF “SamrukKazyna” which successfully fulfilled the role of operator in the state bailout program. To-date the fund, with a new chairman Timur Kulibayev, should focus on effective corporate management in the national companies and to “grow” so-called national champions from them.

Nursultan Nazarbayev drew a special attention to personal responsibility of top managers for corruption in their departments, companies, agencies and organizations. In addition, it is necessary to continue division and differentiation of political and administrative civil service, to create a body of higher administrative officers, designed to make the backbone of professional managers at central and local levels. And for formation of this corps of managers they are to first establish a special commission under the President.

In general, the Government, as noted by Nursultan Nazarbayev, together with the Agency for the state service within three months is to make concrete proposals for professionalization of state service.

Working for people’ good

Further enhancing the quality of public services was also among the instructions. Special role in this is given to Public service centers. By 2013 all socially -important public services will be provided remotely via “e-government” portal, the President noted.

Priority is also development of legal system in Kazakhstan.

– We must raise transparency of judicial decisions, ensure public control over courts’ activities, public access to their decisions – the President reminded.

We should actively develop non-judicial practice in settlement of disputes; and property rights must have absolute protection. Only then we will strengthen our system of market economy, said Nursultan Nazarbayev. And in this light he instructed the Government and the President Administration to elaborate measures to further improve the legal, judicial and law enforcement systems.

Highlighting the main goals to be implemented in the current year, the President said: in the year of 20th anniversary of Independence we must clean villages, towns and settle the pressing problems of ordinary people.

Deputy PM, the minister of industry and new technologies Aset Isekeshev accounted on implementation of the industrial program, especially noting more than 100 instruments of business and investors’ support offered by the state: from soft credit to personnel’s training and support to infrastructure.

In 2011 no less than 190 investment projects will be launched. At the same time KZT 1.5 trillion is to be disbursed in comparison to 800 million tenge in 2010 in all projects of the industrialization Map.

At the regional level the industrial program is gaining pace too. According to Krymbek Kusherbayev, the governor of Mangystau oblast, last year 9 new productions were launched in the region and 10 new projects will be added to them in 2011, plus five projects worth over 500 billion tenge and with creation of 26 thousand jobs are being currently implemented.

Senate deputy Anatoly Bashmakov said that the country was entering a qualitatively new stage of development – consolidating the already achieved results. All the above requires stability and pulled resources.

Kostanai oblast governor Sergey Kulagin presented positive dynamics of the regional development – primarily in improvement of socioeconomic indicators.

PM Karim Masimov congratulated Nursultan Nazarbayev on his convincing victory in the recent elections.

– On the President’s instruction we made a trip to the oblasts with the chairman of the President’s Administration Aslan Musin, – said the head of the Cabinet. – I would say that the atmosphere that we felt really reflects 95.5% of votes for the President in the elections. Therefore the mandate of the trust that was given to you, and the orders and instructions that you have given to the executive power, imply high responsibility and requirements to us.