Kazakhstan calls on Turks to invest in Central Asian republic’s energy

April 1. Hurriyet Daily News

Kazakhstan calls on Turks to invest in Central Asian republic's energyKazakhstan wants to cooperate with Turkey on the Nabucco and Samsun-Ceyhan energy pipeline projects, its ambassador has said.

“These projects are multilateral issues, but we are ready to work with Turkey,” Canseyit T?ymebayev, ambassador of Kazakhstan to Turkey, told a group of journalists Friday.

Asked if his country would provide oil to the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline, he said, “Our ministries of energy have been seriously working and supporting on those.”

T?ymebayev pointed to Turkey and Russia’s discussion on providing resources for the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline. “Kazakh oil is ready to be given to several parties.”

Kazakhistan has underground resources which prominent global companies take for production and sell to other countries, T?ymebayev said. “Turkish businessmen have stayed out of this sector a bit. Yet, there are important opportunities for them.”

Noting that Turkish investments in his country total $2 billion, T?ymebayev said most were in the construction sectors. “However, there are opportunities in other sectors as well such as energy, banking, metallurgy, mechanical, agriculture and livestock equipment.”

The ambassador said Turkey was a relative to Kazakhstan, not a foreign country. “Hence, we expect our Turkish friends to have an interest in Kazakhstan.”

There are 160 oil and natural gas fields under exploration in Kazakhstan. It is also estimated that there are nearly 300 gold fields in the country, 173 of which have been explored. Up to 100 tons of gold could be extracted annually, if necessary investments are made.

T?ymebayev said his country had significant expertise in searching for underground natural resources. “We can help Turkey on this issue, since we have important experience on surveying from space.”

Kazakhstan and Turkey signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2009, strengthening ties that began in 1991 when Turkey became the first country to recognize Kazakhstan’s independence from the Soviet Union.