Presidential candidate Kasymov intends to legally ban devaluation

March 4. Interfax-Kazakhstan

Presidential candidate Kasymov intends to legally ban devaluationA presidential candidate, member of the Senate, and Leader of the Patriots party, Gani Kasymov, has pledged to legally ban “secret devaluations” if he wins in the upcoming presidential election.

“As to major economic reforms – I will introduce new approaches in the monetary, fiscal, budget, industrial and agricultural policies. (…) Shameful secret devaluation will be banned by law,” Kasymov said announcing his political ambitions in Almaty on Friday.

He also suggested that every agreement with an international company had to be publicly disclosed or revised if in contrast with the national interests.

Kasymov also pledged to redistribute part of windfall oil profits to improve education, healthcare, basic science research, innovation and increase wages and pensions.

In addition, he suggested that Kazakh businessmen carried out their transactions and banking operations within Kazakhstan.