Kazakh basic cost of living increases 23.3% over 2010

March 01. Central Asia Newswire

Kazakh basic cost of living increases 23.3% over 2010The average wage a Kazakh family must bring in to meet its basic needs rose 23.3 percent last month over February 2010 to around $105 (15,338 tenge),  the State Statistics Agency said on Tuesday.

“The living-wage amount on average per capita, calculated based on minimum standards of basic foodstuff consumption, increased by 4.7 percent in February compared to the previous month, and 23.3 percent compared to last February,” the Trend news outlet Tuesday reported the financial agency as saying.

A typical Kazakh household spends 60 percent of its living wage on foodstuffs, the agency calculated.

The cost of meat and fish account for 19.3 percent of the budget, while milk, fat products and eggs take up another 16.1 percent, the agency said.

The remainder of spending is apportioned to 13.7 percent on fruit and vegetables, 8.1 percent on bread and cereal products and 2.8 percent on sugar, tea, and spices, the report noted.

The Kazakh State Statistics Agency targets consumer price growth of between 6 percent and 8 percent each year to 2015, the Reuters news outlet reported Tuesday.

Inflation grew by 7.8 percent in 2010, the State Statistics Agency noted.