Black sea region has no alternatives to found the grain pool

June 19. AgriMarket

According to Arman Evniev, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, the Black sea region has no alternatives to found the grain pool of exporters. The foundation of such organization will allow increasing the effectiveness of usage of ports, grain terminals and other infrastructure, and reducing transport and transit costs, explained he.

In the nearest future, Kazakhstan plans to increase grain production to 20 mln tons as opposed to nearly 17 mln tons last year, exports will grow from 8 mln tons to 10 mln tons of grains, marked A.Evniev.

According to him, the necessity of grain pool foundation is caused by needlessness of expansive transit operations. Grain cost increases by nearly 50 USD/t due to transit tariffs, noticed A.Evniev. In such conditions, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan have to create own export infrastructure to compete foreign grain exporters.

To date, Kazakhstan owns grain terminals in the port Aktau, and also in Azerbaijan and Iran. Their capacities allow shipping over 50 thsd tons of grains per month to Azerbaijan and Iran. Kazakhstan also plans to launch a port in Iran for grain shipment to the countries of the Persian Gulf countries.

Kazakhstan is one of the largest flour exports. To date, the country exports nearly 1.5 mln tons of flour per year, but plans to increase the index to 3.5 mln tons, according to A.Evniev.