Kazakhstan’s military budget to hit 200 billion tenge in 2011 – Nazarbayev

February 18. Interfax-Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan's military budget to hit 200 billion tenge in 2011 - NazarbayevThe funding of Kazakhstan’s armed forces has reached 200 billion tenge in 2011, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said at a board meeting of the Defense Ministry in Astana on Thursday.

The president noted that the financing of the Kazakh military totaled 171 billion tenge in 2010.

“The increase in funding will address military and social issues, improving military service conditions and resolving housing problems,” President Nazarbayev’s press office said in a press release.

Nazarbayev reminded that the budget of the Kazakh military stood at 8 billion tenge in 1993 and 10.5 billion tenge in 1994. “But due to successful socio-economic reform, political stability, peace and accord in society these issues have been resolved,” he said.

The President noted that military allowances in Kazakhstan were among the highest in the CIS.



Defense Ministry claims Kazakh army trains harder than other CIS forces

February 18. Interfax-Kazakhstan

The combat training hours of the Kazakh armed forces have increased by 15% in 2010, said the Ministry of National Defense.

“The field training has been intensified to make Kazakhstan a leader among other CIS countries by field military exercises,” according to the statement released after the meeting of the defense board chaired by the Supreme Commander, President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Last year Kazakh military forces staged 16,000 shooting exercises with each forth conducted after sunset, a 26% increase from 2009. The combat vehicle driving practices rose by 50% to 5,000.

“General flight hours in the air force reached 25,000 hours, or 83 hours per pilot,” said the Ministry.

Kazakhstan’s military forces staged a total of 54 military drills including 9 aviation exercises.

The Ministry of Defense said it created nine training centers that prepared 1,200 military servicemen for infantry and Special Forces in 2010 and plan to coach 3,600 more in 2010.