Astana to hold 1st Kazakhstan’s International Exhibition ‘Tea. Coffee. Cocoa – 2011’


Astana to hold 1st Kazakhstan's International Exhibition 'Tea. Coffee. Cocoa - 2011'On the threshold of Nauryz national holiday  the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana – will hold the first Kazakhstan’s International Exhibition ‘Tea. Coffee. Cacao – 2011’, the organizers of the exhibition ‘CCI Expo’ and ‘Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan’ informs.

It is the first specialized exhibition which would bring together the suppliers of tea, coffee, cocoa, different coffee equipment, accessories for making and serving coffee and tea, pastries and equipment, cosmetics from natural ingredients containing coffee, chocolate, cacao and tea.

This exhibition is an objective reflection of coffee and tea industry in Kazakhstan. Organizations from such countries as Azerbaijan, Brazil, Vietnam, Guatemala, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, China, Columbia, Laos, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Sri Lanka are to take part in the exhibition.