We should send message of confidence to all people aspiring for peace and hope – Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi


Arailym Temirgaliyeva

We should send message of confidence to all people aspiring for peace and hope - Italian PM Silvio BerlusconiAmong those negotiating the final document of the Astana OSCE Summit is Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi who has delivered a speech at the closure of the III plenary session of the two-day OSCE Summit held in Kazakhstan.

“I followed with great interest all speeches and share your view on spirit of concord. I would like to make a statement appealing to unity and a sense of reality. This is exactly what I want – to get away from what separates us and be able to overcome what separates us for the good of all people, in the interest of the big area of the world represented by 56 states. When we leave this beautiful city of Astana, the city of tolerance, we should send a message of confidence to all the people aspiring for peace and hope. I encourage all of you to agree on the Action Plan containing not many objectives but precise ones so that together we continue moving along the path of security and peace and guarantee of human rights”, the Italian Prime Minister said.

S. Berlusconi expressed admiration with organization level of the Summit and the capital city of Kazakhstan. “As I am one of those longest standing among you, on behalf of everybody I would like to thank President Nursultan Nazarbayev for the way in which he prepared and held the work of the Summit an excellent and outstanding way! Kazakhstan and its capital are symbolic, exceptional places and I would like to say that this fits perfectly into the spirit which is behind organization. We’ve been welcomed warmly and we are greatly impressed by the miracle of this capital built in less than 10 years”, he said.

The Italian Premier added: “In my previous life I was a businessman involved in construction and I know myself what it means to erect hundreds of public buildings from scratch. Astana is the city of future, the city built due to the idea on removing the capital from beautiful Almaty in order to put it in the very heart of the country. Your idea, Mr. President, had a tremendous risk. You had to have courage to realize this idea.

I would like to call for unity and realistic spirit to agree on the Action Plan. We must not forget that in Kazakhstan different ethnic and religious groups are living in peaceful coexistence and this is one of the values characterizing the Organization”.

“Today thanks to the OSCE Summit Kazakhstan has become a main player of the highest level in the international community. It has well-earned authority resulting from a work recognized by political intelligence and world leaders.

We must spell out specific objectives and all of us participating in the final statement are working at it now”, Berlusconi concluded.