We must comprehend importance of interconfessional dialogue in strengthening global order: MFA of Australia


Muratbek Makulbekov

We must comprehend importance of interconfessional dialogue in strengthening global order: MFA of Australia“In the coming decade we must comprehend the importance of interconfessional and inter-civilization dialogue in order to strengthen the global order”, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said at the OSCE Summit in Astana on Thursday.

“I was interested in the statement of the President of Kazakhstan regarding the interreligious dialogue and cooperation as a tool for development of interaction between countries. I would like to fully support his Excellency President of Kazakhstan”, K.Rudd said.

He said that Australia actively supported the interconfessional dialogue in Asian-Pacific region and would continue this support in cooperation with Indonesia and other states.


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Australia highly appraises policy of Kazakhstan and initiatives of President Nazarbayev


Alexey Kaulko

Australia has joined the OSCE because it shares the same values the OSCE does, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Australia Kevin Rudd said it at the OSCE Summit in Astana.

We have in Australia passion for democracy, passion for human rights and passion for the rule of law, and above all we have joined because Australia admires the OSCE’s willingness to make a practical difference on the ground, he said.

Australia is already an active partner of the OSCE it shares strategic interest regarding Afghanistan. It is fully involved in the process of stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan as well as many others world communities trying to prevent acts of terrorism of in any form happening again.

The conflict in Afghanistan cannot be settled by military force alone, we support a comprehensive approach which embraces civilian efforts, he said adding that Australia condemns violence in any forms and would always support efforts and policy aiming at keeping peace in a separate region and the whole world.

Besides, Australia highly appraises the policy of Kazakhstan and initiatives of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and supports the interethnic dialogue in the Asia-Pacific region.