Karabakh problem likely to be solved in Kazakhstan – press review


Meiram Baigarin

Karabakh problem likely to be solved in Kazakhstan - press reviewIn view of the forthcoming OSCE Summit in Astana, Kazinform National Information Agency disseminates a review of the press with the most interesting materials published in Kazakhstan and abroad on presidency of Kazakhstan in the OSCE and Astana Summit.

Strana i Mir newspaper publishes a speech by OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Secretary of State-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev delivered  at the sitting of the Organization’s Permanent Council. K. Saudabayev noted that Kazakhstan had always adhered to the motto of the OSCE presidency voiced out by President Nursultan Nazarbayev – trust, traditions, transparency and tolerance. Speaking on the oncoming top-level summit in Astana, K. Saudabayev stressed that reaching a consensus on the final document of the event was a key moment in defining the importance of the Summit. He stated that the top-level meeting of the OSCE would identify the challenges and threats in the area of the OSCE responsibility, develop an effective action plan on overcoming them and would define a strategic vision of development of the Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian communities of integral security and the ways of improvement of the Organization itself. Mr. Saudabayev appraised the preliminary results and the work conducted for revision of the draft outcome document of the forthcoming event.

“Holding the Summit is a milestone initiative of Kazakhstan”, Kazakhstanskaya Pravda newspaper writes in an interview with Sergey Mironov, Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly and Head of the CIS Intergovernmental Assembly on November 19. S. Mironov said that chairmanship of Kazakhstan in the OSCE would promote activation and modernization of the OSCE, advancement of the new viewpoints on architecture of the European security – security which must be equal and integral for all states between Atlantics and Eurasia.

According to him, promotion of inter-ethnic and inter-cultural dialogue has been an important feature of Kazakhstan’s OSCE chairmanship. “The Summit in Astana is a unique historical chance to define new strategic directions and a “road map” of movement towards the Concept of Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security on the basis of common values, principles of equality and mutual respect”, he says.

On November 19 the same edition published an article entitled “Top meeting earned by Kazakhstan persistence”. In the opinion of the author, the upcoming OSCE Summit and the opportunities provided by it for strengthening security and cooperation in the OSCE responsibility area, arouse great interest of the experts and political scientists of the member states. The U.S. Helsinki Commission, an independent structure uniting the representatives of legislative and executive power had published a material by Winsome Packer, its policy advisor, on “OSCE 2010 Informal Ministerial: Kazakhstan Persistence Earns a Summit in Astana” telling about the evolution of America’s position on holding the Organization’s Summit in Astana this year. “The joining of consensus on the summit decision by the United States elicited private expressions of relief from many delegates, and heightened expectations for the summit which would reflect the outcome of the Corfu Process: a declaration and an action plan”, U. Packer notes.

On November 15 Russia’s Vremya Novostei newspaper published an article by OSCE Secretary General Marc Perrin de Brichambaut “A Long Road to Common House”. The author notes that the Summit in Astana will become the first one of the Organizations over the past 11 years and the first meeting of such level in Central Asia – the region attracting more and more attention of the global community. The top-level meeting will be able to give a new breath to the Organization, to raise the political importance of the OSCE through modernization of its mechanisms.  The decisions to be adopted at the Summit should promote joining the efforts of the major players on the space from Vancouver to Vladivostok for solution of the main problem – ensuring security and development of a common strategy of countering the common threats and challenges.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta published on November 17 an article on “Second Attempt of the OSCE” narrating the plans of the Organization concerning deployment of a police group in Kyrgyzstan.

“Recently, Secretary General of the Organization Marc Perrin de Brichambaut informed that “a new plan on deployment of the police mission in Kyrgyzstan” would be presented to the representatives of the OSCE states. He didn’t go in the details, but said that experts of Russia’s law-enforcement bodies should be in included in this group”, the article reads.

One more Russian newspaper Izvestiya published an article on November 18 on “Destiny of Karabakh to be Solved in Kazakhstan”. The point at issue is the meeting of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan with Dmitry Medvedev during which Mr. Sargsyan expressed hope that due to mediation of Russia the Nagorno-Karabakh problem could be solved in the foreseeable future.

Russian Agency ITAR-TASS informed that the American delegation would be lead by U.S. Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton. The Agency cites Robert Blake, Assistant Head of the Diplomatic Mission for South and Central Asia, saying: “We reckon that the Summit will positively impact the situation in Central Asia and the role of the OSCE in this region”.

On November 20 newspaper Liter published an article entitled “OSCE Summit – Pledge of Security of the Country”. “The Summit of the OSCE which has become a result and merit of Kazakhstan’s chairmanship will allow discussing the problems in CA and in the entire world. Kazakhstan as a hosting country can reckon on discussion of such important for it problems as ecology of the Caspian and Aral seas as well as realization of the country’s transport potential”, the article reads.