Kazakhstan: Government to fix grain prices for purchasing to the state resources

Nov 10. AgriMarket

Kazakhstan: Government to fix grain prices for purchasing to the state resourcesThe Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan #1118 dd. October 26, 2010, “On confirmation of the grain purchasing prices, supplying to the State grain resources” was published on November 10, 2010.

According to the document, the following purchasing prices for the Governmental realizable grain resources become established: 3-grade soft wheat price totals 33.1 thsd tenge/t; for the Governmental resources of feed grains: 4-grade soft wheat price – 27.2 thsd tenge/t, 2-grade barley – 25 thsd tenge/t.

For the Governmental seed resources the prices were fixed for seeds of soft spring wheat and barley through reproductions and grades of the sowing standard. It is assumed to be that wheat and barley of three reproductions will be purchased to the State resources of seeds. The document fixed the following purchasing prices: 1-grade 1-reproduction wheat – 50.2 thsd tenge/t, 2-grade 1-reproduction wheat – 47.7 thsd tenge/t; 1-grade 2-reproduction wheat – 44.9 thsd tenge/t, 2-grade 2-reproduction wheat – 42.6 thsd tenge/t; 1-grade 3-reproduction wheat – 40.3 thsd tenge/t, 2-grade 3-reproduction wheat – 38.5 thsd tenge/t; 1-grade 1-reproduction barley – 40.4 thsd tenge/t, 2-grade 1-reproduction barley – 36.7 thsd tenge/t; 1-grade 2-reproduction barley – 34.2 thsd tenge/t, 2-grade 2-reproduction barley – 31 thsd tenge/t; 1-grade 3-reproduction barley – 29.9 thsd tenge/t, 2-grade 3-reproduction barley – 27.3 thsd tenge/t.

The current Decree comes into force from the date of its official publication.

The current rate of exchange – 147.66/ 1USD.

According to the Food Contract Corporation announcement, the purchasing operations for the Government reserves should be finished before December 20, 2010. In the current year, the Government plans to purchase nearly 550 thsd tonnes of grains, 5 thsd tonnes of feed grains, about 100 thsd tonnes of seeds.