GE and ZKMK Localize Oil and Gas Turbine Manufacturing in Kazakhstan


GE and ZKMK Localize Oil and Gas Turbine Manufacturing in KazakhstanGE and ZKMK Extend Services Partnership to Include Manufacturing, Increasing Access to GE-10 Gas Turbine Advanced Technology.

Following an agreement signed in July for the servicing of GE’s fleet of oil and gas turbomachinery equipment installed in the Republic of Kazakhstan, GE Oil & Gas and JSC ZKMK today announce the formation of a technology transfer and licensing partnership that will enable ZKMK to manufacture GE-10 advanced technology gas turbines in Kazakhstan.

Under the heads of agreement, ZKMK will manufacture, supply, test and service GE’s advanced technology GE-10 gas turbine units for deployment in critical infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan.

Claudi Santiago, president and CEO, GE Oil & Gas said: “We are pleased to extend our successful services partnership with ZKMK through localized manufacturing of our GE-10 gas turbines in Kazakhstan. Our customers in Kazakhstan now have even greater access to advanced gas turbine technology to help optimize oil and gas production. In addition, our partnership with ZKMK supports the development of the local economy through technology transfer, the creation of local jobs and the development of local skills and talent. Kazakhstan is an important partner for GE, and through our business-wide ‘company-to-country’ initiative, we are committed to a strong local presence and long-term investment in the country.”

Alibi Akhmedzhanov, general director, JSC ZKMK said: “This gas turbine manufacturing partnership builds on our existing service agreement with GE Oil & Gas and enhances the range of support that we can offer local customers. Teaming with GE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of turbomachinery equipment and services for oil and gas applications, will bring positive benefits to our company, to the local Kazak economy and to major energy infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan and across Central Asia.”

The GE-10 is a 10-14 megawatt range gas turbine unit designed for optimum performance in mechanical drive applications including pipelines, re-injection and other on- and offshore oil and gas field services. It is able to burn a wide range of liquid and gas fuels including low BTU gas and hydrogen. A dry low NOx (DLN) fuel version also is available.

GE’s gas turbine and compressor units are vital to infrastructure development projects across Central Asia, including oil and gas production and transportation, refinery and petrochemical industry applications and fuel gas boosting.

About JSC ZKMK (Zapadno-Kazakhstanskaya Mashinostroitelnaya Kompania)

ZKMK is a Kazakh engineering manufacturing company specializing in highly technological complex parts production, assembly, repair and maintenance for the oil, gas, processing and power industries. ZKMK implements complex projects under the terms of EPC contracting: from design, manufacturing and supply of the required equipment to installation, putting into operation and servicing.

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