Two eco exhibitions open in Almaty

November 02. Central Asia Newswire

Two eco exhibitions open in AlmatyAlmaty opened two environmentally-themed exhibitions on Tuesday to encourage local and foreign businesses, along with organizations and scientific research institutions, to address ecological concerns.

The 6thannual EcoTech exhibition opened on the same day as the WaterTech Central Asia exhibition, and both will close on Thursday. Both are taking place in the Atakent International Exhibition Center in Kazakhstan’s second city, the reported on Tuesday.

At EcoTech, special attention will be paid to the issues of waste management. Waste management of various substances – including chemical, food, metallurgy, gas and others – will be discussed by exhibition participants, as will the topics of renewable energy sources and contaminated area rehabilitation.

Environmental consulting companies, mining and chemical companies and business representatives are also expected to attend.

The second WaterTech Central Asia exhibit will tackle the issues of water security, water treatment and irrigation. Farm owners, agronomists, researchers and government researchers will convene for the exhibition, which will include presentations and opportunities for vendors to sell products related to water management.

Both exhibitions will also provide networking opportunities and round tables.

The two expositions are sponsored by numerous associations, including the Kazakhstan Business Association for Sustainable Development, the Kazakhstan Petroleum Lawyers Association, the Kazakh Ministry of the Environment and the UN Development Program in Kazakhstan.