WEEKLY REVIEW. Establishment of Single Economic Space to open new horizons for Kazakh businessmen – Prime Minister K. Massimov


Muratbek Makulbekov

WEEKLY REVIEW. Establishment of Single Economic Space to open new horizons for Kazakh businessmen - Prime Minister K. MassimovImplementation of the plans concerning establishment of new industrial productions has always been in spotlight of the Kazakh Government.  “The country has set to innovative development of economy which is the major condition of preservation of Kazakhstan’s independence”, President Nursultan Nazarbayev stressed taking the floor at the 16th regular session of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan.

On October 18, Monday, the Government held its regular session devoted to discussion of implementation of the investment projects included in the Industrialization Map. As Vice Minister of Industry and New Technologies Berik Kamaliyev reported, 80 projects of the Industrialization Map had to be realized in H2. In whole, taking into account those projects realized earlier, the country plans to put into service 152 new productions worth KZT 805 bln. The number of new jobs is to make 24 thousand jobs. The projects will be presented to the Head of State on December 20.

At the same session draft program “Technical regulations and establishment of quality infrastructure for 2010-2014” was approved. The document was developed by the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies; it aims at protection of the Kazakh market from dangerous and low-quality products and provision of favorable conditions for competitive products manufacturing.  Taking into consideration the experience of foreign countries, the technical regulations will set strictly requirements to the quality of the products.

The Government also approved the draft Branch Program on Development of Kazakhstan’s Space Activity for 2010-2014. The Program aims at satisfying the country’s demand in fixed satellite channels up to 80% and high-precision satellite navigation services up to 30%. Besides, special attention in the document is given to development of scientific-technological base of space activity. Cooperation with the world’s space empires, primarily Russia, will be strengthened within the Program. In accordance with the Program, Baikonur launching site will be gradually passed to Kazakhstan. 

Prime Minister Karim Massimov gave a number of instructions to the ministries and departments. In particular, since the next year social facilities of the country would be designed according to new construction norms and rules. Vice PM Umirzak Shukeyev was charged to control the work on transition to new standards.

“This is the instruction of the Head of State; it must be fulfilled in a month”, K. Massimov said.The Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Healthcare and the Agency for Construction and Housing-Utilities as well as akims of the regions and Almaty, Astana cities were charged to submit their propositions on each project.

Vice PM Yerbol Orynbayev informed of one more Presidential instruction – streamlining social assistance to the population. For this all types of social assistance must be combined. The PM charged the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection to take this work under its control. The akimats of the regions must submit their propositions on the matter.

K. Massimov advised Atameken Union National Economic Chamber  to include the Chamber’s representative to the negotiating group on establishment of the Single Economic Space with Russia and Belarus.

“Establishment of the Single Economic Space will open new horizons for the Kazakh businessmen and will allow solving the problems we couldn’t do before: free access to railway transportations, i.e. access in the territory of Russia, Belarus etc. The most important thing is to use these opportunities effectively”, K. Massimov said.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection has set to development of a new program of ensuring employment. At the Governmental Hour in the Majilis Minister Gulshara Abdykalikova informed that a monitoring and forecasting of the demand in labor resources would be carried out under the State Forced Industrialization Program.   Special attention would be given to increasing business activity of the population, usage of domestic labor resources.

On Wednesday, October 20, the PM held a working session with the akims of the regions and the cities of Astana and Almaty on implementation of the President’s instructions. Issues concerning social and economic development of Kazakhstan, implementation of the State Program of Forced Industrial Innovative Development, ensuring food security and modernization of social infrastructure were on agenda.

On Thursday, October 21, Minister of Emergencies Vladimir Bozhko reported to the President on the course of construction of the Koksaray Water Reservoir and the measures taken for increasing human resource capacity.

Implementation of the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development will become the main direction of Kazakhstan’s post-crisis development and it requires new approaches to development of education and science which will underlie an effective base for innovations. Minister of Education and Science said in at the opening of an international scientific congress “Science of Future”. According to the Minister, new mechanisms should be launched in order to facilitate application of domestic scientific research results in real sector of economy.