People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan is unique institute with inexhaustible potential- V. Lymarenko


Yelena Ilyinskaya

People's Assembly of Kazakhstan is unique institute with inexhaustible potential- V. LymarenkoThe People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan is a unique institute which potential  is inexhaustible in all respects. Member of the Assembly, Chairman of Ukrainian Cultural Centre in Almaty, Vice Chairman of Ukrainians of Kazakhstan Association Valentin Lymarenko said it in an interview to Kazinform on the threshold of the Assembly’s regular session. He reminded that the 16th session of the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan is scheduled for October 20 in the capital city of Kazakhstan – Astana. According to him the session will focus on Kazakhstan’s further development.

Mr. Lymarenko, we know that Kazakhstan has become a motherland for the representatives of many nations. In your opinion, is it possible to preserve their native languages, cultures and traditions without respect for the Kazakh language?

You are right. Kazakhstan has become the Motherland for us, our children and grandchildren. Knowledge of languages opens a way towards deep understanding of a nation, its history, everyday life, culture, traditions and rituals. To date the country pays a great attention to development of the state language – the factor of unification of all Kazakhstanis. The state language, as is known, is an issue of state importance, closely linked to such notions as civil identity, patriotism and cultural integrity. To know the Kazakh language is a duty of every citizen of our republic.

Over the years of independence Kazakhstan has created a unique model of inter-ethnic and inter-faith harmony. What role does the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan play in strengthening inter-political stability of the country and civil identity?

The uniqueness of interethnic and inter-confessional dialogue lies in the historically established interrelations of the ethnic groups in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstanis’ mentality is based on tolerance, deep understanding of cultures, traditions, kindness and respect for each other.

We have had no conflicts, and I am confident, that there can be no. We all live in the land which is common for us, and we have nothing to share. Our legislation is quite clear and our Constitution begins with the words “We, the people of Kazakhstan…”.

Besides, there is a unique institute – the People’s Assembly of Kazakhstan. Its importance in preservation and strengthening stability of our country is paramount. Within 15 years of functioning the Assembly has transformed from an advisory body to a consultative one which increases its role and responsibility in modern conditions.

Noteworthy to say that for many years Kazakhstan has been demonstrating to the world a simple but a great truth: people can live in peace and harmony without conflicts, the problems can be solved through a dialogue. Peace and unity can be achieved by means of preservation of cultural and confessional diversity. Over 100 ethnic groups are living in peace and consent in Kazakhstan.

Could you tell, please, about the activity of the Ukrainian diaspora in Kazakhstan?

From the first days of establishment of ethno-cultural associations, the Ukrainians of Kazakhstan set a task to hold various cultural events in the multi-ethic environment directed on revival and all-round development of the Ukrainian language, culture and traditions, upbringing of respect for spiritual values of Kazakhstan, strengthening of peace, friendship and cooperation.

Our Association and the regional national-cultural centers are actively involved in maintaining ties with the historical motherland which, in turn, serves for ensuring economic, political and cultural cooperation between Kazakhstan in Ukraine.