By 2019, the Black Sea region countries to increase world wheat export share

Oct 08. AgriMarket

By 2019, the Black Sea region countries to increase world wheat export shareAccording to the United Stated Department of Agriculture, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan will be able to increase grain production and exports during the nearest ten years, announced Olga Liefert, the international grain analyst of the Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), while making the presentation during Ukrainian Grain Congress on October 7.

In particular, according to estimations of the USDA, the world wheat trading share of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan will total nearly 35% by 2019. The specialist reminded that since 2000 to 2009 wheat export share of the reporting three countries increased by 2.5 times, and as of to date the index totals nearly 25%.

The USDA forecasts that the general world wheat trade will grow by nearly 20%, and the share of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan in wheat world export volumes will also face an increase, and will exceed one-third share by 2019, and total nearly 35%, noted the expert.

According to the expert opinion, by 2019 the region will be able to provide the half of the growth of wheat world export volumes. According to the USDA opinion, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine by 2019 will be able to export twice more wheat volumes than the USA do.

O.Liefert reminded that in 90th wheat export volumes from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine were rather modest. In 2000th the countries used to export 22 mln tonnes annually as opposed to 6 mln tonnes in 90th. According to O.Liefert by 2019 Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan will export over 50 mln tonnes of wheat. Russia will dominate among the countries in wheat exports.