Almaty hosts int’l conference on Eurasian integration


Daniyar Sikhimbayev

Almaty hosts int'l conference on Eurasian integrationV international conference on the problems of Eurasian integration of the Eurasian Development Bank has been started in Almaty today.

Leading specialists, experts and representatives of the international and regional organizations will discuss the issues of economic, financial and industrial integration during their two-day meeting.

Special attention will be paid to the strategic approach and antirecessionary measures of the post-soviet states, formation of integration models of development in Eurasian space.

The issues of energy and food security, saving of energy resources, evaluation of opportunities of innovative cooperation between the EDB participating countries are on the agenda.

“Establishment of the Customs Union and formation of Single Economic Space are good examples of integration. These processes need practical support through implementation of investment projects, expansion of public-private partnership, development of interstate contacts in the field of science and information exchange”, says Director for Analytical Department, trustee of Eurasian Bank of Development, Vladimir Yassinsky.