Kazakhstan intends to increase oil export to Europe through CPC twofold in 2011: S.Mynbayev


Murat Zhakeyev

Kazakhstan intends to increase oil export to Europe through CPC twofold in 2011: S.MynbayevBeginning from the next year the quota of Kazakhstan in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) will be increased twofold – from 27 mln tons to 52.5 mln tons. Kazakh Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev has made it public today at the V Eurasian Forum KAZENERGY-2010.

According to him, a decision of the Consortium shareholders has been made. The final investment decision on this issue will be made by the end of 2010.

“Today technical aspects are negotiated. The construction works on pipeline expansion are scheduled for the next year. The quota of Kazakhstan in the CPC will be increased from 27 mln tons to 52.2 mln tons per year”, S.Mynbayev said.

The Minister emphasized that Kazakhstan advanced in the CPC expansion. This will release the country from searching alternative solutions for a certain period. 

As S.Mynbayev informed, 27.5 mln tons were exported through the CPC this year. The Minister also noted that KazMunaiGas Company produced only 24% out of the total volume of oil produced in the country. The rest amount is extracted from the private sector and international oil companies. “This promotes stability of the hydrocarbon sector of Kazakhstan and diversification of export routes”, the Minister summed up.     


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Oil export to China to rise up to 12 mln tons in 2011 – Sauat Mynbayev


Murat Zhakeyev

In 2011 export of oil via Kazakhstan-China pipeline to the People’s Republic of China will be increased from the current 10 mln tons up to 12 mln tons, Minister of Oil and Gas Sauat Mynbayev has informed of it at KAZENERGY V Eurasian Forum in Astana today.

According to him, this year Kazakhstan has exported about 27.5 mln tons of oil to Europe via the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, 17.5 mln tons via Atyrau-Samara pipeline, 11 mln tons – through the Aktau Sea Port, 4 mln tons – by the railroad and 2 mln tons – through Orenburg Oil Refinery.

S. Mynbayev added that total amount of oil output in Kazakhstan in 2010 would make 81 mln tons, 68 mln tons of which would be exported. KazMunayGaz National Company extracts  24% of the total amount of oil only, the rest of the oil is produced by private enterprises or international oil companies.

According to the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Kazakhstan’s reserves of oil makes more than 5 bln tons today while the reserves of gas is more than 5 bln cubic meters.