Kazakhstan’s Secretary of State and Foreign Minister: Kazakhstan plans to increase economic growth rates three times by 2015

Sept. 22. Trend News Agency. New York

Kazakhstan's Secretary of State and Foreign Minister: Kazakhstan plans to increase economic growth rates three times by 2015Kazakhstan plans to increase economic growth rate three times by 2015, said Kazakhstan’s Secretary of State and Foreign Minister Kanat Saudabayev said, making a speech at the 65th session of the UN General Assembly.

“Over the ten years since the adoption of the Millennium Declaration, Kazakhstan has provided high rates of economic growth and already in 2007 reached a double increase in the economy compared with 2000, and by 2015 we will increase it three times,” said head of Kazakh delegation.

According to him, thanks to timely measures taken and the financial reserves accumulated as a result of the development of natural resources in amount of more than $50 billion, Kazakhstan has successfully overcome all the consequences of global crisis.

At the same time, the country managed to maintain economic growth, reduce unemployment, as well as to fully comply with all its social obligations, said Saudabayev.

According to Saudabayev, Kazakhstan not only made progress on the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), but also assumed increased obligations on a number of ways, referred to as “MDG plus”.

According to him, over the past decade, the number of the population with incomes below the subsistence level reduced more than four times, and the problem of hunger in Kazakhstan has not been urgent for a long time. “The costs on education and health stably increase,” he said.

In his speech, Saudabayev also addressed the issue of compliance with Kazakhstan’s environmental commitments. 

“Today the urgent problems for the world community are the growing threat of adverse climate changes on the planet and the deepening of the global energy crisis,” said Saudabayev.

According to him, the energy and ecological outlook and produced based on this, the strategy of partnership of countries should become a new challenge for further development.

In addition, the minister underlined the need for “quality” aid to developing states.

“National economy, in any case, needs financial support of the international community. And in this regard, we welcome the steps taken by many developed countries to fulfill commitments to bring official development assistance to 0.7 of GDP by 2015,” he stressed.

As an example, Saudabayev said that Kazakhstan itself has recently received foreign aid, but today is part of a group of states – “new donors”.

“We provide assistance to countries in the region of Central Asia. Thus, for Afghanistan, Kazakhstan allocates $50 million as grants for training thousands of Afghan professionals at Kazakh universities and specialized schools, which will certainly contribute to development in this country,”he said.