Charles van der Leeuw. Kazakhstan: a quest for statehood. A historical and contemporary overview

Author: Charles van der Leeuw

Even though subsequent governments have made major efforts to get the world better acquainted with Kazakhstan and its nation, their backgrounds and historical importance, there is still no comprehensive document within reach of a broader audience.

Celestial Mountains Publications
ISBN: 9965992312, 9789965992315
length: 310 pages

format to download: PDF

This book is an attempt to narrow the information gap. It gives details about the geological and geographic conditions of the land, the origins and nature of its population, a detailed overview of the long history of the formation of its statehood and present-day geopolitical and economic information. The profile of the Kazakh nation and state has developed over more than a thousand years after the people started to appear on the world map in the IX Century AD. For centuries, they were subdued by Turkish and later Mongolian overlords. That period was followed by a sometimes united, sometimes tripartite khanate, which was almost constantly under threat by more powerful neighbours – especially the Zhungar realm which was acting as China’s proxy. Almost naturally, the Kazakh rulers sought protection which was eventually found in the incorporation into imperial Russia. This led to the formation of a Kazakh intelligentsia, which played a pivotal role in the transition from imperial to Soviet rule and the consolidation of the USSR. The break-up of the latter left Kazakhstan with the status of a fully independent state – but the price people aid for it has been high in the form of an economic struggle which is still going on – as is the quest for a better historic awareness as part of the establishment of a lasting Kazakh statehood to which this modest work is meant as a contribution.